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Laser Tube Holder

Target object: Universal CO2 laser tube

Product function: Fixing CO2 glass laser tube

Applicable diameter: 50mm-80mm

Main material: Engineering plastics ABS

Product Brief


SPT laser tube holder is customised by SPT for general laser cutting machines on the market. It is suitable for CO2 laser tubes with diameter of 50mm-80mm. It is also currently a common type of CO2 laser tube. It can be used on 80% of laser cutting and engraving machines domestically and abroad.

Problems & Solutions

Optical deviation caused by transportation

Installation needs to be fixed firmly to avoid gap or loosening between pipe rack and fuselage.

Laser tube break caused by transportation

Fix the laser tube after fixing the pipe rack and fuselage firmly. Ensure that each fixture on the holder is firmly fixed and compacted, and that the laser tube does not flutter during transportation.


To avoid causing the laser tube optical path to deviate and affect the cutting and engraving capacity of the machine, periodically check if any parts of the holder are loose, and if the junction between the leather packing collar and the laser tube body is abnormal.


Despite choosing the best engineering plastics ABS and its production process, we can not completely guarantee that all laser tube support products will not have defects. We provide a 30-day quality litigation period for quality problems caused by material and process defects.

Service method:
After determining the laser tube bracket needs to be returned to SPT laser, send back in the original manufacturing package or similar package to keep the appearance of the product intact.



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